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Hey thanks for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy looking through everything, maybe you'll find something that you like.


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         The world is as a great and silent room, and we who come into her, whistlers.  The silence of such a massive space overwhelms us, stifling our certainty so that as we learn to whistle, to purse our lips against the air, the notes which escape are hard, rough, and born with great spaces between.  Still learning, we have not yet found our song and so feel in all directions, blind searching for a path, until we are struck and gradually find that melody we feel in tune with, the song which is beyond our minds, but felt even in its alien absence.  Beyond the tangible, we latch and hold, we adhere to the most rudimentary notes.  Though they are coarse, our confidence in self grows, gradually, but now with the assured backing of that which we have found our deepest driving belief in.  Through time, repetition, and a constant exploration, we are able to reach beyond the first and second levels of our understanding, to draw our own transitions from the air, building and writing bridges (physical) to carry our transitions (musical) and weave together into a coherent piece the song we express now through the world's great silence.
          Understanding is not mastery though, and a person will not simply drop his most deeply felt beliefs, the notes to his life, as soon as their barely surfaced edges have been discovered.  We seek now to embellish, to improve upon the depth of our song, in lengths as much as also in reach to the world and intricacy of structurings, constantly feeding the understanding and the growth for ourselves.  To understand is not enough.  It is for us to forge forward, to grow and to improve until we are able to fully realize our potential, to breathe resounding, reverberating life, voice into that which is for each, the melody; that which resonates deeply within the vibrations of the cells that make up the very tissues of our being.    
         This is what a lifesong is, a path, the work of an individual's existence, not for status or to leave a legacy simply to say you have, but for the improvement of all living things, the betterment of life for all, and the vision of a universe filled not with a cacophonous chatter of competition, but a harmony, indescribable in its sheer scale yet symphonic, as a stream from each life form flowing together, joining as tributaries numbering in the hundreds of billions.  Flowing together to create a great river, and by these waters of song we are reformed into something more beautiful, more overwhelming than could ever be imagined.    
         All this begins from a few choked and timid bars cast first into the silent emptiness of the world, in an effort to sound out who we are, whistlers.
Whistle whistle
Pre-note:  I’m still working my way five and six entries at a time through transcribing this second
notebook of the number of them I’m working on getting into digital copy.  Most of these entries
have never been seen or transcribed as for every one piece of writing you see to date there are
probably forty or fifty more (at least) which stay between notebook covers after I turn to the next page.
     It is the twenty-second of February, 2013 at 3:10 a.m. When I write this in the bedroom I rent in Woodbridge, Northern Virginia.  My grandfather died yesterday afternoon, dad said around four thirty, after not eating or drinking for more than a week.  The process was so drawn out into waiting that by now I don't know what to make of the whole thing.  Even now I feel unaffected..when last week I was a wreck over the news he was dying.  There are so many questions still I wonder about.  I wonder why this has happened, if he just became tired of life and trying or his body shut down first.  How long can we live with the sort of grief and loss that lives inside of us every day?  I wanted to ask him how to cope with the overwhelming, staggering loss of the woman you loved, she who is always never far from thought, the memory and tears keeping you awake nights years and years into the future..the future.  By the time I got to his house last week with a six-pack of yuengling, he was all but totally unresponsive.  I've missed my chance.       This house is filthy and broken, roaches are everywhere and I want to get out.  I've got a class on the weekend of March 8th to become a LifeGuard Instructor (LGI) so that's good, as long as I can clear that it should make a nice addition to the side incomes.  Oh and I fixed my bicycle, though the only place I have to keep it is in the car, which makes buying wood for canvas stretching frames a little difficult (-_- ).  The funeral will probably be next week, though it hasn't been organized yet.  I wonder if any of Grandpa's artillery friends are alive or will know.

I'm tired of I don't know, not knowing, the only thing grandpa was coherent enough to say while I was sitting holding his hand was when I asked if he wanted some water, he just sort of rasp/moaned out, "I don't know."   I don't think he was talking about water, the whole situation is shit.  I don't know that I'm 'afraid', but I wonder if he/we might travel so far in time and find towards the end that we still haven't found the answers.

I've written letters to grandma hoping to find some answers for how to cope with losing people, but she (is quite sick and) doesn't write back.
 Transcr. 12-28-15
Hey all, 

I've been pretty decidedly absent from deviantArt for a long while now, working on different projects and art comm jobs.  You can still find me on these other sites if you're looking, but I will be uploading from time to time on here (probably large amounts of backlogged work), and you can always add me on facebook, just send me a note so I know who you are too :J.

I recently opened up an Etsy shop for marketing prints of my 200 nudes project so far as it's progressing.  All of the pieces I've posted so far are limited to 20 prints on this first run, and are signed and numbered :3

Links are below, I'm going to get something to nom for breakfast since it's still early and get to work again :)
Love to everyone!


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Hello my name is Nick. I try to pull words down to the ground and stand them in groups so when roll is called they sound like somebody organized them with a little bit of elegance. I currently work as a tattooist at Color Therapy in Falls Church Virginia and own a company for my artwork called Nightdancer Design. I do artwork in tattoo ink, spraypaint, acrylic paint, digital painting, vector work, custom musical instrument work, oil and chalk pastels, and more (:

Please if you take the time to read anything I have written leave a little something so I know you've been here. I welcome all types of critiques from the most complete to passing remarks so I ask you don't be afraid contribute your thoughts as you see fit full analyses or otherwise. :)

I hope that today is the best day you have lived, and tomorrow too.

Current Residence: Fairfax, Virginia

Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.

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Find me on Instagram: @Nightdancerdesign

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